Online Marketing Tools to Kickstart Your Online Business

James Dargan
6 min readMar 20, 2019
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To be able to manage your website in a way that is conducive to the good performance of your business is crucial in the market these days. Having an online presence is an essential aspect of you and your business becoming successful.

Without it, you might as well give up the ghost.

And giving up the ghost never made anyone a successful entrepreneur.

A professional-looking website is the initial gateway a potential customer has of your business.

Whether you are a SaaS company, selling a service of some kind or a simple product, the niche you are in has no relevance.

You need a website.


Remember, the first impression is everything, especially in business.

Those of you who run your concern in the traditional brick-and-mortar model are doing yourself a mighty disservice by not having a website. Even if you are small-time, in today’s market a website is something you really can’t do without.

Having piqued your interest, the next question to ask is:

But I have no technical ability, how do I go about creating a website and an online presence that will be profitable for my business?

The answer is simpler than you think:

There are countless tools out there which can help you with this problem, with more popping up all the time.

One of the first things to consider is how to go about building your website.

Building Your Website

There are a number of options here if you lack the budget to hire a professional web designer to build you a site from scratch that is both functional and attractive to look at. This option, particularly for the cash-strapped start-up, can be prohibitively expensive, though.

Some of the best platforms on the market are WordPress, Squarespace and Blogger for this. When it comes to value for money, however, I think WordPress is the best.

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