AI has its good points but also some that are a little less reassuring. Whether we all have a job in the future is one of them

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Elvis Has Left The Building

With the millions in the US who have just lost their jobs over the COVID-19 pandemic, putting the country into near economic meltdown along with the rest of the planet, thoughts of artificial intelligence (AI) taking over people’s livelihoods could be viewed as ill-timed.

And maybe it is, unfortunately.


In the coming years, the blockchain will play a greater role in our lives. Yet that role could be threatened if things are not put in order first.

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53 Qubits

Late last year in October, Google announced that it had achieved ‘Quantum Supremacy’ on its 53-qubit quantum computer. The phrase means, in layman’s terms, that a quantum device can solve any given problem that a classical computer/supercomputer can’t. After the announcement, there was both celebration and derision from all corners…

Global warming and the future of the Third Rock from the Sun is big news as we enter the new decade. Solutions are ten for the penny. But quantum computing’s eureka moment may just be here

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‘We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to.’

— Terri Swearingen

Up In Smoke

With the current heatwave and forest fires in Australia as proof (some would say) the planet is undergoing an unprecedented time of temperature rises, freak weather occurrences, and record carbon emissions, the…

Strangeworks, Inc. sounds like something from the movie A Clockwork Orange. But even the mind of Stanley Burgess couldn’t invent William Hurley, commonly known as Whurley, maybe quantum computer’s very first poster boy

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Ode to the Curly-Wurly Man

When I was a child, I loved the chewy chocolate bar called a Curly-Wurly (don’t think they’re available in the US). Don’t know why, really, as there were better ones: Snickers, Mars etc. The chewy, elastic consistency of the bar was annoying and really quite bad for your teeth: You…

With the likes of indie book publishing, the Bitcoin craze and other business avenues to ‘get rich quick’ becoming more popular, we look now to some historical perspectives as to why the masses who follow a dream rarely achieve it. The reality is, sadly, only the early adopters and unique outliers ever do, as well as those selling ‘services’ for the specific industry

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As Lady Luck Would Have It

On January 24, 1848, a few days after the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed (ending the Mexican-American War), gold was discovered in California. It was to be the beginning of the greatest dash for wealth in 19th century America. Almost immediately people lucky enough to already be in the…

Without programming, the software and the code, the hardware wouldn’t have meant a thing. From the Greeks to the modern-day era, we’ve got a lot to be thankful for

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Stranger Things

When I started my short career as a ten-year-old ‘computer programmer’ back in the mid-1980s, when the vibe was certainly ‘Stranger Things’ in spirit at least, I didn’t know anything about the history of what lay behind the scenes, how the Amstrad CPC 464 I used, worked. Or how, the…

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